The Sunshine Coast is beaming with developments, which will enhance this already beautiful area. Our scenic surroundings are already pristine, with beautiful beaches close to residential communities. The already amazing area could be seeing further developments in the next while, which will compliment the existing strengths of the area. Now is the time to move into a home in this wonderful part of Queensland, to truly enjoy all the exciting new developments on offer.

New Infrastructure and Services for All Sunshine Coast Residents

The Smart City Framework will bring new technology to homes and neighborhoods. Residents can look forward to potentially innovative infrastructure. This increasingly technological word should only become a convenience to make life easier.

Growth at the Airport for Greater Accessibility

Meanwhile, the Airport Expansion Project is being planned to support the growing community. Travel will be easier for those wishing to visit of live nearby. More flights could be possible for locations around Australia and nearby nations. As a local working or business owner, living in the Sunshine Coast, you can hope for more tourists and business visitors travelling to the area. Also, family and friends could more easily make journeys to see loved ones at their favourite place.

Caloundra as a Leisure Destination

The Caloundra CBD Project is a planned endeavor, which could boost this area into an attraction for everyone to enjoy. Summer holidays will be as enjoyable as always, as more services start growing in this already popular place. Weekends will be more exciting. Leisure developments can benefit more than the tourism industry. Entertaining services are bringing more fun and excitement for local residents and families.

Business and Jobs for the Local Area

A planned Sunshine Coast Business and Technology Precinct will be a significant economic opportunity for current and future residents, with predicted job growth for the surrounding communities. Our next generation could prosper in an ever-changing economy, as they discover new career options in this business endeavor. A move to the Sunshine Coast could bring a future of new innovation.

A light rail system could be planned soon, which would connect Maroochydore to Caloundra. This will be easy access for Maroochydore residents to visit the revived Caloundra CBD. Individuals could later leave their cars at home, environmental and health concerns around driving. Retirees will be able to get around without the discomfort of getting behind the wheel. Young families in the area could feel less pressure to maintain as many cars, and young teens could get around before they learn to drive. The light rail system, if eventually completed, could improve a quality lifestyle for residents in this area.

How to Buy or Rent at the Sunshine Coast

There is no better time than the present, to buy a home in the Sunshine Coast. Homes are currently available for sale in Mooloolaba and Mountain Creek.

Read the Buyers Guide for vita information about buying a home.


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