If your house is priced correctly, we should get one offer every 7 viewings. In a normal market, we should get 3 groups through a week.

If your house is not getting people through, it means your price is too high for the neighbourhood. RECOMMENDATION: A significant price adjustment.

 If your house has people coming through, but we are not getting any offers, it means the buyers are finding nicer homes for their money. RECOMMENDATION: A moderate price adjustment.

If your house is in the running, but the Buyers buy something else, or if the Buyers view the house a second time, but buy something else, it means we were close. RECOMMENDATION: A minor price adjustment.



Obviously the property is the main star of the show but if we can sub-consciously appeal to the buyer’s 5 senses we stand a better chance of selling your home for the best price quick, fast, and in a HURRY!

Sight –  Daytime open all curtains so sunlight enters your property, turn on all of the lights (including toilet and rangehood) and if it is evening or night turn on all lights (including lamps) to better illuminate the property and try to have the rooms free from clutter.

Sound – Have some light relaxing music playing in the background if possible. My personal favorite is some JAZZ! Unless your house has natural bird sounds, crashing waves….

Touch – Have the home as clean as possible & allow the buyers to roam freely through the house un-interrupted. First impressions are very important it has to sparkle

Smell – Have some form of Air Freshener, incense, candles, febreeze, plugins operating etc… open windows a couple of hours before, keep work benches/worktops and coffee tables etc. clear, clean the toilet, sink and the shower including mirrors until they are gleaming, remove any mould. Clean all windows. Clean outdoor settings. Sweep and mop all floors prior to viewing.

Taste – Have some fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit or even a cake baking in the oven, (the smell of freshly brewed coffee allegedly inspires viewers too!)

Arrange to be out of the house when the viewings occur, the buyers will feel more at ease to discuss their true feelings when the owners are not around, they will be more willing to be honest with the agent so that they can give you honest feedback. However if you absolutely have to be present, it would be beneficial to follow these rules.


There is nothing more to do. Pick a magazine while you are waiting. Try to be understanding; the agent may have several Open Homes scheduled and he or she may be a bit early or late. I will always try to be 10 minutes early to ensure the home is ready for inspection.


Keep ‘Buffy’ away outside the house. Pet lovers will be distracted by your fun pet. For those who do not have pets it may be bothersome and even scary with some buyers.


This is a new experience for the kids. Naturally, they are excited, but they will disturb the professional flow of the showing. Ask them to remain away from the agent and buyers, to go outside or watch TV.


Answer the door as you would for any welcomed guest. The agent will take care of introductions. If there is a situation that needs mentioning, perhaps a sick child in the second bedroom, do so now. You may invite the agent to begin showing the home and then you may excuse yourself.


Discretely remain away from the buyers. As helpful as you wish to be, your presence will be intimidating. They need to be able to discuss the home freely with one another. The agent needs to learn from the buyers how they are responding to your home. Your presence can limit that free communication.


Please, Please, Please do not be present when viewings are taking place.  The agent needs to gain valuable feedback from the buyers to ensure they can pass this valuable information through to you.

If you have no choice at all, Read a book, watch TV, take a walk or continue with a chore. Pick a room and settle down. When they stop to preview that room you may leave, but it is not necessary. After all, they don’t want to feel that they are chasing you around the house. If there is a room you should try not to be in it would be the kitchen. Buyers generally spend more time in the kitchen as they evaluate appliances, worktop space, cabinets, etc…

If you are asked any questions about the neighbourhood, schools, etc., answer pleasantly. However, avoid becoming engaged in a conversation. Questions regarding conditions of sale, price, why they are selling, and any information pertaining to the sale should be referred to the agent.


The inventory should clearly identify items that are included and excluded for the offered property. Don’t initiate conversations about other personal property that you may be interested in negotiating. It is rarely a deal clincher, may be distracting, and there will be time to discuss this when the offer is presented.


As much as you love your home, don’t be tempted into doing the agent’s job. The agent has been working with the buyers and knows what is important to them.


Our agents will request all offers in writing.

Since we owe our fiduciary responsibility to you the sellers our goal will be to negotiate the highest price possible keeping in mind not to lose the buyer. With countless transactions and negotiation experience we will guide you through every step of the way making sure you have a successful transaction.

Our marketing efforts sometimes may produce more than one buyer interested in purchasing your property. Our agents are trained in coordinating healthy bidding wars and finishing with an ethical Last & Final step. It takes a skilled broker to coordinate a successful bidding war.

We will continue doing open homes and viewings of your property until the offer becomes ‘unconditional’.  No sale is secure until this is signed off by the solicitors. There may be a number of reasons the sale will not proceed. Finance not approved, Pest and Building not approved, due diligence.  We will endeavour to get you a ‘backup offer on contract’, this is an offer that is provided once the sale is ‘conditional’.  The backup contract is made just in case the sale falls through. It ensures that you will have a backup contract in place should the untoward occur, and provide you with peace of mind and will ensure you feel your sale is secure.  It will also place the buyers mind at rest that they have been the lucky buyers of a sought after property.



Comparative Market Analysis

Pricing Property

Creative Marketing Plan


Listing on charged to seller

Complimentary Online Marketing –

Elders database buyer match

Advertising Print

Mailing Campaign


Open Houses

Scheduling Viewings

Weekly Vendor Report

Quick vendor updates via text or phone as soon as

possible after the viewing


Presenting Offers

Offer & Acceptance

Appoint your solicitor

Building and Pest if required

Due Diligence if required


Contracts signed and executed

Inspections, Mortgage, Title, Searches, Appraisal


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